Standard plus translucent rigid resin + 4 colorants


Standard rigid resin pack plus natural 1 X 500 grs LCD / DLP + 4 X 10 ml dyes.

Natural resin to color with 4 exclusive Ifun pigments:

Black, white, blue, fuchsia.

Find the method of use to color your resin

Low rate of withdrawal 2.2%.

Better tensile, bending, impact resistance than standard # 3120 resin

Resistance to higher temperature (80 ° C) than standard resin # 3120.

High precision and beautiful details.

The hardness of the fully hardened resin is 80 shore D.

Low odor.

Find the technical characteristics, the parameters for the printing and the security card in our files to download



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The new Ifun France resin is compatible with all LCD / DLP printers such as anycubic photon, Elegoo Mars, Sparkmaker ... Final rendering with incredible details !!!

Excellent fluidity, easy cleaning of printers and models.

1 X 500 grs standard resin more rigid natural.

4 X 10 ml of bright and vibrant color pigments.

Low odor.

To ensure the stability of the 3D printing model, IFUN has chosen

polyurethane as raw material rather than epoxy resin.


Data sheet

Temps d'exposition
Bottom temps d'exposition
épaisseur de couche


FDS #3120S

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Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics of ifun resins

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Exposure time Ifun resin

Find the exposure times of our resins

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