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Our stick on gasket offers an efficient way to protect your 3D printer from resin spills and LCD damage. It is made with high-quality polypropylene that acts as another barrier to help contain resin spills.
But what really makes our gasket essential for printer owners is its ability to protect your printer from accidental resin spills or leaky FEP film - this allows you to prevent accidental resin spills from getting inside of your printer and gumming up the internals. It also allows for easy removal of the vat and eliminates the danger of damaging the LCD screen. This also means that you can simply leave your vat in place after a print if you don’t have time to clean up just yet.
Never leave your printer exposed and vulnerable again! We’ve designed our stick on gasket to be as easy to use as possible. It has a custom fit but still has enough room to leave the display portion of the LCD exposed, so print quality is not affected.


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VERSATILE – Works on multiple LCD resin printers with 6" screens and build volumes of up to 135mm x 83mm. Protects the Sonic Mini 4K and more. Combine with extra FEP film (not included) and use as a screen protector for Sonic Mini 4K which has no protection for the polarizer. Please note: You must re-level your build plate per the instructions included after install.

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