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The thinner the part, the more flexible it will be. FLEX100 ™ can be used alone or in combination with our Rapid color range to produce varying degrees of flexibility and firmness. Adding a small amount of FLEX100 ™ to the Rapid resin would create a less brittle and more durable part. By adding larger amounts, it will become more flexible.

Possibility of adding pigments to color the resin.


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Remember to use scales to weigh the resins so that the results can be repeated. We recommend that you take 100 grams at a time to make intercourse easier. For example, for a strong and durable resin, try a mixture of 25: 75 - 25 grams of FLEX100 and 75 grams of Rapid Resin. For a very flexible version, you can try 90:10 by mixing 90 grams of FLEX100 ™ and 10 grams of Rapid resin.

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