Premium Film NFEP


NFEP films are specially designed to last a long time and allow users to repeatedly print high quality 3D models without constantly worrying about changing films.

Limits the effects of suction. After printing a model, simply clean the film.

Our non-FEP (nFEP) films are a special blend of Teflon material. They were originally used in DLP and SLA machines (a different size) due to the high demands of these printers.

Our nFEP films are of excellent quality:

- resistant to high temperatures (up to 220 ° C)

- chemicals and UV

- provide the ultimate non-stick surface for resin 3D printing.

NFEP is perfectly smooth, smoother than FEP film, with high air permeability,

which reduces the vacuum suction force.

Thus, you will have fewer failed prints compared to standard FEP film.

Premium Film

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Size : 210 x 297 mm

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