High Speed JamG He Resin


High-speed 3D resin is 3 times faster than standard resin plus 10K, improving strength and not being as brittle. It is compatible with all 385-405NM 3D printers.

1kg bottle 

X3 printing speed, 3 times faster than standard resin thanks to its low viscosity and high composition, reducing exposure and polymerization times.

Very low shrinkage between 0.3% and 0.6

Fast curing time

Available in gray. Low odor, low viscosity, very fluid and high hardness 80-88D

Highly detailed prints

The end result of printing is a smooth, high-precision, highly detailed surface.

Once cured, the printed part has high hardness and strength.

High-speed resin suitable for a wide range of applications: jewelry, dentistry, watchmaking, optics, education, scientific research, toy design, craft design, industrial parts design...

Download the data sheet for this resin at the bottom of the page, in the attached documents section.

High Speed JamG

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Hermetic bottle of 1 kg. JamG HE is a well-known resin manufacturer in the world of 3D printing and produces for many major brands in the market.

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